When Will My Hybrid Battery Have To Be Conditioned Again

Much like traditional cars, hybrid vehicles need regular maintenance in order to run safely and smoothly. Battery life is a common concern for most hybrid owners since the battery will slowly deteriorate over time and lose power. This results in your vehicle getting lower gas mileage and running less efficiently overall. Rather than purchasing an entirely new battery, the process of reconditioning is not only more cost-effective, it’s better for the environment as well. So, how do you know when your battery will need to be conditioned? Let’s take a closer look at the battery conditioning process and what the advantage is.

What is Battery Conditioning?

Conditioning a hybrid battery is not much different than charging a standard nickel battery. In essence, hybrid battery conditioning involves cycling the battery pack down to a zero percent charging state and then back up to its 100 percent capacity. This process is performed two or three times in order for the battery to be properly conditioned and used again. The conditioning should only be performed by a professional since there are some fairly strict protocols involved to ensure that it doesn’t overheat or end up getting over-discharged.

What’s the Advantage?

Once your hybrid battery is conditioned, it should operate at around or over 90 percent of its original capacity and will certainly save you quite a lot of money. A brand-new hybrid battery can cost into the thousands of dollars while conditioning only costs a fraction of that. Another benefit to choosing to condition your battery is that you’re helping the environment. Old batteries usually end up in landfills where they can discharge dangerous, potentially hazardous waste and chemicals into the soil and water.

How do I Know When I Need A Battery Conditioning?

There’s really no set time or number of miles that indicate when your hybrid battery would need to be conditioned. The best, most effective way to know is when you notice your gas mileage begin to lessen. If your car’s power and torque don’t seem to be what they once were, that could also be an indication that your hybrid battery needs to be looked at. Visit a professional who specialized in hybrid automobiles so you can get your battery tested and then conditioned as needed so your vehicle will run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

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