Farewell original LusciousGarage.com

Image showcasing Luscious Garage building and sign

When it launched in early 2007 it was one of the best websites in the biz.  It represented what we hoped to be (before we had our first customer) and inspired us to make our online presence a reality.

Brand and esthetics were top priorities, to convey our shared values with tech-savvy, sophisticated Bay Area hybrid owners.  And it worked.

The site shifted public expectations, promoting business and media attention.  It served as our frontage, when our physical shop was a nondescript hole in the wall.

Perhaps most impressively, it aged with us, remaining relevant and attractive even when the functionality started to age.  We moved and updated, including the website, and the site continued to serve us.

When we decided to launch a new site, it took us two years to finalize.  It is a testament to the quality and longevity of the original design.  It was hard to top.

My thanks to Cobra Creative for all their effort from the beginning: our logo, initial website, update in 2010, and sensitivity to our overall brand.  Your skill and input have been hugely influential to our message.

I am also grateful to Lucas Balzer, designer of our new website (with advice from Kristin W.).

Farewell to original LG.com.  It served us exceptionally well over the years.  Here’s to the future, but also here’s to the past.