You’ve Come Along Way, Baby

I spent the day installing telephone wire. It turned out quite well, actually. There’s incredible satisfaction in taming the wiry, four-headed beast of internet, phone, cable, and security system. (Whip-crack! Whip-crack!)

Enjoy it, because few aspects of starting a business conclude this nicely. As I write, in fact, our building permit remains open. I do love the City of San Francisco. I really do. And I appreciate that the bureaucracy is needed to ensure all of our safety. I just wish I hadn’t told everyone we’d be open for business a week ago.

The launch of, and with it this entry, is a very real accomplishment worth its own recognition. Brick and mortar will touch a few thousand in due time. But the website promises a far greater reach and depth. To advocate automotive innovation, to research and document its progress (and fate), to model the educated, cutting-edge, environmentally-conscious service providers. These have been dreams of mine for some time.


We are very close to ready. The picture was taken over a month ago; the chaos is mostly mental now. Not insanity, just a crush of details. Telephone wires? Shouldn’t I delegate this? But there’s no time to find someone! (I admit, I’m an only child; I insist on doing everything myself.)

Pretty soon the details will be sorted, the sign will be up, the permit will be framed on the wall, and these anticipatory memos will be the clearest recollection I’ll have of the time when all these things weren’t taken for granted.

Carolyn! This is yourself speaking. You’ve come a long way, baby. Keep going!