What Hybrid Unique Problems Should I Look Out for in My Car

Hybrid vehicles run quietly, offer a modern look for car lovers, and perhaps most importantly, they’re much more environmentally friendly than their all-gas engine counterparts. These popular cars have taken over the roads increasingly more each year. And while there are plenty of amazing benefits to owning a hybrid vehicle, there are a few hybrid-specific issues you may need to be aware of before you take the plunge.

Potential Battery Problems

While it’s nice to own a car that uses battery power most of the time, they can encounter some issues of their own. Most hybrid makes and models use a battery that is integrated with the powertrain. What this means is that you’ll get better gas mileage, saving both money and the environment. The issue arises when these batteries cannot hold a charge any longer. Just like the batteries you use in your digital camera or smartphone, they eventually stop working even after being charged. This can cause an expensive fix, and it could even cause the vehicle to stop working altogether since it’s part of the powertrain system.

You’ll Probably Get Less Power from Your Engine

Essentially, hybrid vehicles are twin-powered engines. The gasoline is still its primary source of power, even though it relies on it a lot less than a traditional vehicle. Since the hybrid relies on the battery to provide it with power as well, you may notice that your car doesn’t seem to run as well in high speeds. In essence, these eco-friendly cars are best designed for city and neighborhood driving. If you plan to travel long distances and do a lot of highway driving, a hybrid may not offer you the power you want or need.

Issues with the Emission and Exhaust System

Hybrid vehicles come with something called an oxygen sensor, or O2 sensor. This sensor plays a very important role in the vehicle’s exhaust system since it determines the amount of gasoline your engine will require in order to run at optimal capacity. This sensor needs to be replaced fairly frequently and the problem should be addressed immediately so that your vehicle doesn’t begin to burn up gas too quickly. Burning too much fuel would defeat the purpose of owning a hybrid vehicle!


Because the battery creates so much weight in a hybrid vehicle, most manufacturers currently do not offer models with third-row seating. Most hybrid vehicles are fairly small in stature and this includes the car’s interior. If you have a large family or plan to do a lot of traveling with luggage and gear, a hybrid might not be able to provide you with the space you’re looking for.

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