Vijay, Brilliant Author

I am a glutton for trade non-fiction, especially the kind that relates to cars or energy or the environment (or all of the above).  Well you could have knocked me over with a feather when Vijay Vaitheeswaran stopped by today to pick up a Calcars-converted PHEV for his SFBA book tour. 

His book ZOOM: The Global Race to Fuel the Car of the Future is a must-read. 

The movement: Oil is the problem.  Cars are the solution.


If you need a fix while the hardcover reaches your nearest indie bookstore, listen to his eloquent thesis on NPR’s Marketplace:

Kai Ryssdal interviews my new best friend

Still hungry for more?  There is another book, published 10.03:

Power to the People: How the Coming Energy Revolution Will Transform an Industry, Change Our Lives, and Maybe Even Save the Planet

Thank you Vijay for supporting Calcars and Luscious Garage.  Your insight is delectable and we can’t wait for more.