Toyota Hybrid Cars Cost More To Maintain

Toyota Hybrid Cars Cost More To MaintainEvery vehicle needs some degree of maintenance in order for it to run properly. If you own a hybrid, you may wonder if it costs more to maintain than a traditional car. In general, the maintenance costs are in-line with “regular” cars, but there are some things you should be aware of in terms of potential additional costs. Read on to learn more about the typical things you can expect when it comes to hybrid maintenance.

Gas Mileage.

One of the perks of owning a hybrid car is that it can save you quite a bit on fuel. In terms of the bigger picture, this means that hybrid vehicles are less expensive in regards to average maintenance. You may pay more upfront, but the vehicle should pay itself back by saving you quite a bit on gas costs, especially if you drive it in neighborhoods or areas with lower to average speed limits.


When hybrids first hit the market, drivers were often forced to bring it to the dealer for repairs. Most mechanics were unfamiliar with the proper way to repair hybrid vehicles, so it cost drivers more to have them repaired. Today, more automotive shops are able to work on hybrids, which has brought the cost of repairs down significantly. Just be sure that you take your hybrid to a local shop that has the understanding and experience needed to repair hybrid vehicles.

Routine Maintenance

Overall, routine maintenance can potentially be less with a hybrid car. When you drive at low speeds, the gas engine shuts down and the electric motor takes over. This translates into a lot less wear and tear on your gas engine. Oil changes are even less frequently needed than they are on a traditional vehicle. This is because most hybrid manufacturers don’t recommend oil changes until you reach every 5,000 miles versus the standard 3,000 miles on an all-gas vehicle. Your brakes may last longer, too since the hybrid uses a regenerative braking system with less heat. Your brake pads and the brakes themselves should typically last longer.

In general, your hybrid vehicle should not cost much more to maintain than a regular car. With many different benefits including better gas mileage and lower wear and tear, your hybrid will repay you with less worry and less out of pocket expenses.

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