Tips To Buying A Used Prius

tips-to-buying-a-used-priusThe Toyota Prius is by far one of the most popular hybrid cars for sale today, which means there are plenty of used models available to choose from. If you’re considering switching to a hybrid car or you’d like to trade in your current hybrid for a Prius, there are a few things you should know. Read on for some helpful tips when deciding whether to buy a used Prius.

Give it a Test Drive

Whether you’re new to hybrid vehicles or just unfamiliar with the Prius, you should definitely give the car a test drive before you make your decision. It’s recommended that you spend at least 30 minutes behind the wheel so you can experience the vehicle’s various features. Some people are not used to the difference between the noise a gas engine makes and the sound that comes from an electric engine. This might startle you at first, but it’s just a result of the Prius’ Hybrid Synergy Drive System that is always adjusting between the gas and battery-powered engine.

Decide Which Generation You Want

The Prius has several different generations, and the third-generation vehicles made between 2010 and present are the most plentiful. They’re also known to get the best gas mileage. A Prius Liftback rates at 50 miles per gallon, which is extremely appealing to many buyers. For the second-generation Prius made between 2004 and 2009, you’re still getting a great deal, although there are some differences. These older models typically get around 46 miles per gallon, but most owners claim it’s closer to 40. This may play a big role in your purchase decision, so keep the generational gas efficiency in mind.

Consider Your Options

When it comes to buying a car, it’s important to take the various options that are available into consideration. The current generation of Prius offers a nicer trim level and more high-tech features. Extras like Bluetooth, leather seats and more can bring the price of your used Prius up considerably. Many businesses like to use Prius and other hybrid vehicles thanks to their excellent gas mileage. However, if you look at a Prius that has been used by a fleet previously, try to avoid them since most are missing a variety of standard equipment. This could include the elimination of common items like cruise control and even a rear-window wiper. Make a list of the optional features you want to have so you can alert your local dealer in advance.

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