imageLuscious Garage has received a lot of press lately, as the press looks for “green” content in time for Earth Day. All the attention feels like a pat on the back, affirmation for our efforts, but an empty one nonetheless.  Luscious Garage is not “green” but simply “less brown” and this is the focus of my thoughts this Earth Day.

Jack Rosebro—top hybrid trainer, reporter for Green Car Congress, and climate scholar—visited this past weekend and we had a long talk to this extent.  He spoke in depth about the details of the latest IPCC report and really how grim our climate situation has become.  In that vein I am entertaining new ideas for reducing emissions: for the shop, for our customers, and for myself personally.  We absolutely must reduce our carbon output immediately and drastically. 

Stay tuned for announcements on future classes and shop improvements.

In celebration of Earth Day, Luscious Garage will have a booth at SoMa Whole Foods.  The festival is 12-6.  Please join us and our newly decorated “Super Prius”, a plug-in hybrid that drives gas-free six days of the week.

Most of all, have a heartfelt, healthy Earth Day.