Sneak peek: LG 2.0

As some of you already know, LG will be moving to a new location, 475 9th St, beginning in May!  This is a very exciting time with huge potential for the great things we’ve already got going.

A few comments: First, because we’re adding two more lifts, rest assured there will be no lost workdays.  We’ll transfer essentials from Clementina the first weekend in May and then move our current lifts afterwards.  In short, no disruption of services!  Second, I am compelled to share that this new shop, while 3 times larger in workspace, will actually cost us LESS money in rent due to the tremendous shift in the SF commercial real estate market since we opened 3 years ago.  Our lease was up for renewal here; upon finding this new spot, there was no looking back.  So while we are thrilled to be upgrading our facility, there will be absolutely no increase in cost to our customers.  If anything we hope to be more efficient in the new space, with room to accommodate more items in bulk, and therefore lower our costs.

There is still a lot to be done.  Stay tuned here for more info on the green building features and other news; all customers will be notified multiple times before the move occurs, so don’t worry about losing track of us.  For now, it’s fun to get a sneak peek:

Cameo of Kevin Main of KLM Utilities.
Construction courtesy of Cardea Building Co.

Lots more info to come…

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