Prius Inverter Water Pump Recall C0U – Details for Owners

In November 2010, Toyota announced a “Limited Service Campaign” (number A0N) to replace inverter water pumps on 04-07 Prius.  The reason, they stated, was the possibility of an air bubble getting stuck at the pump, reducing flow and causing the inverter to overheat.  (PDF of the Technical Instructions issued to dealers, T-CP-A0N-A510-D, now obsolete)

In November 2012, Toyota announced a formal “Safety Recall” (number C0U) to replace inverter water pumps on 04-09 Prius (all model years of the second generation).  The reason now: the possibility of a manufacturing defect that can cause the pump to stop or short circuit.  In the case of a short, the car will shut down, “which may increase the risk of a crash.” (PDF of the Technical Instructions issued to dealers, T-CP-C0U-A510-D, current)

The remedy for both is the same: replace the water pump.  Click here for video of the replacement (also embedded below).  More information in an earlier blog:

Toyota Prius Inverter Water Pump Recall

If you’ve already had your pump replaced under the Limited Service Campaign, then the “recall” is retroactive, you won’t get another.  If you’re not sure whether you’ve had it replaced or not, check this page on Toyota’s website:

Toyota Safety Recall and Car Service Information

Luscious Garage has replaced many such pumps, some more than once, on all model years of second generation Prius.  Failed replacements suggest that the new pumps are not improved.

It’s not clear whether the recall will coincide with an updated pump that does not have the manufacturing defect.  Based on past experience with recalls (or until they announce otherwise), if a part fails a second time, Toyota’s warranty is one year.  In case the repair is not paid for by Toyota (or you simply prefer us to do it), Luscious Garage will perform the job for $244, including tax and labor.  We stock the most up-to-date factory parts available.

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