Plug-Ins Meet the EVA

I realize I have totally fallen out of the blogosphere, my apologies.  The thing is that I am totally preoccupied with our plug-in project: the installation of Prius plug-in conversions for the public, using kits based on the Calcars’ Prius+ architecture, manufactured by Plug-In Supply.  Last weekend we delivered our third conversion with outstanding results. 

The San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association has since devoted their upcoming meeting to a PHEV Prius show-and-tell featuring Joe Lervold’s Prius convertered from our shop.  I highly encourage anyone interested in this technology to check out the meeting. 

Luscious Garage
Saturday, March 1st, 11am-1pm
San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association Meeting

Congratulations to Pat Cadam and Nick Rothman of Green Gears for their latest partnership with the City of San Francisco, delivering three beautifully converted Prius PHEVs with Hymotion kits.

Read the article via SF Chronicle: Newsom Urges Push for Hybrid Plug-In Cars