Perfect Sky Training, 8.20.07

Luscious Garage is proud to host its first hybrid training class this Monday, August 20th from 6:30 to 10pm.  Jack Rosebro of Perfect Sky will present for collision technicians on the proper procedures for coolant and brake service and accessing inspection modes for Toyota, Lexus, Honda, and Ford hybrids. The class also includes hands-on practice of these techniques in our shop. 

imageIndeed auto body shops have seen the most challenging mechanical repairs on hybrids to date and need the appropriate training to make sure these cars are not harmed further in putting them back together.  Cooking the battery in the paint booth is one often-cited example; in fact, the potential for trouble is everywhere, even in seemingly basic systems like cooling and brakes. Jack Rosebro (pictured with a wrecked Prius) is outstanding in his work and this class promises to be another gem.