Our Happy Customers

It might sound absurd to think of auto repair as being pleasurable (“luscious” if you will) but people really do love coming here.  We mean it when we say we pay as much attention to you as we do to your car and the environment, subscribing to the idea that “do it for me” doesn’t mean “tell it to me.”  The shop is designed to be imagewelcoming, not intimidating or off-putting, to make you feel that you belong here, that you and your garage have the same sensibilities.

Witness our 27 5-star Yelp reviews: Luscious Garage – SOMA via Yelp.com

Some of my favorite quotes:

“Caroline is smart, honest, and the service was great, with little to no sign of male mockery or inadequacy, which I’m used to.  She even saved me some money…”

“I give 5 stars to Luscious Garage not only because a environment responsible car shop is special and deserves it, no also this level of service just blow my mind.”

“This is the Whole Foods of garages. But it’s not to be misconstrued as the ‘Whole Paycheck’.”

“Still loving Luscious one year later.  My blue-state-blue Prius gets treated like its the Hope Diamond.”

“These guys are the best…  enough said!”

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