Nissan Leaf Maintenance Services

imageWe proudly announces maintenance services for the all electric Nissan Leaf.

Our services follow factory recommendations (for all cars, not just the Leaf) both to keep your car in shape as well as protect New Vehicle Warranty.  Above and beyond these requirements,  maintenance inspects other “vitals”: light bulbs, wiper blades, instruments, and other subtleties typically unmentioned in factory maintenance lists and otherwise taken for granted.

The Leaf has three service levels:

Every 7500 — The Vitals

Every 15,000 — Change brake fluid and cabin air filter (in addition to 7500 mile service)

Every 120,000 Miles — Change Inverter and Heater Coolant (in addition to 15,000 miles service)

“A la carte” versions of the Brake Fluid Change and Coolant Change are also available.  The only remaining fluid (unmentioned by Nissan) is in the transmission (called “Gear Reduction Fluid”).  We recommend transmission fluid changes on all cars (unless otherwise specified) at image30,000 intervals, but time (and experience) will inform whether this is too little or too much.  The same goes for the other items (brake fluid, coolant); we can test brake fluid for moisture content to judge Nissan’s recommendations.

As always we respect customer choice above factory prescriptions, and serve to inform customers of their choices.

We also can provide a la carte services:

Brake Fluid Change
Inverter and Heater Coolant Change
Gear Reduction Fluid Change

Any questions or to book an appointment,