My Mother

imageMy mother lives in Cleveland, Ohio—a long way from most places, including Luscious Garage. To compensate, she likes to travel: sometimes by plane, as in last week, but more often via internet.  Since our website launched, my mom has been especially fond of the blog, to keep up on our developments but also to interact—in the form of comments.  She’s now commented on nearly every blog post, and as a reader you might wonder, “Who is this person?” 

Well here she is, during her recent visit to town.  What a cutie! 

Unconditional love is always nice, but it really comes in handy when you take a big risk, like opening a business.  Mom—I know you’re out there—I just want to say *THANK YOU* for all the support and enthusiasm.  You’re beautiful and fabulous and an inspiration to me on this luscious journey.  xoxoxoxo and come back to visit soon!