LG on KGO’s 7 On Your Side

Succès de scandale?  You decide:

Oakland man has trouble proving Prius problem to get reimbursed for fix

I can’t believe this story took up three and a half minutes!  You heard it here: Luscious Garage has always and will continue to provide necessary documentation to customers seeking reimbursements.  And don’t be worried!  Toyota’s requirements are clear, reasonable, and consistent, as written in their “Letter to Owners” instructions (bottom of page 5):

– copy of work order
– proof of payment
– proof of ownership


The only amendment LG made to the document given to Mark Felicio, at Toyota’s request, was a statement that we reimbursed him $300 (which happened after the initial letter was written).  The explanation of the work we performed, and why, was adequate. 

Thank you Toyota for helping us manage this difficult situation, and for reimbursing Luscious Garage.  It was not expected, and a welcome consolation to KGO’s merry chase.