LG on Jim Lerher’s Newshour

As Oil Prices Rise, Car Companies Go Electric

We grace the screen 5:04 through 5:48

My utmost gratitude to Felix Kramer of Calcars for leading the film crew to our shop and letting us host the interview. 

Plug-in hybrids are featured only briefly and the general emphasis of the feature remains that electric vehicles are in the future.  This is entirely untrue. 

You, reader, can drive on electricity with a fully electric vehicle, like those produced at the beginning of the ZEV mandate such as the Toyota RAV4 EV, or a compromise like the plug-in Prius, which we produce on a regular basis now.  All it takes is the enthusiasm and curiosity to search beyond the mainstream showroom.

For more information from Felix Kramer about plug-in hybrids, reference Calcars’ website

For more information on plugging in by any means necessary, come to one of our SF Electric Vehicle Association meetings, the first Saturday of every month

For more information on liberating your Prius’ battery from the gas tank, come to my talk this Friday, the fourth of July, at the Marin County Fair