LG now solar powered!

Since its inception LG has garnered a community of supporters—“friends of Luscious” if you will—including EV fanatics, feminists, environmentalists, and green business moguls; imagepeople we’ve inspired for some reason or another and are moved to give back.  Such is the story of our new solar array, courtesy of Energy Efficient Solar, a company of highly-intelligent, capable individuals who care about renewable energy but even more about people. 

I first knew Marc Geller as the vice-president of the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association.  Then I learned of his advocacy through Plug-In America and his news blog Plugs and Cars.  It was months before I met his colleague Will Korthof, owner and technical genius at EESolar.  Over months of EVA meetings (which we host) and servicing their small fleet of natural gas and electric vehicles, Marc and Will entertained how to hook us up with solar power. 

imageThe day finally came on July 1st, 2008. 

Will designed a modest PV array customized to our power usage at the shop (modest because we don’t consume much power in the first place).  Comprised of eight Mitsubishi 185 watt modules, for 1.5kW peak output, it supports all of the equipment and tools running on 110v power, as well as charging for plug-in cars.

Most importantly, it fulfills our long-term goal for renewable energy at the shop at a highly competitive price; allowing us to meet this goal in the infancy of our business without affecting service prices.


For more information on EESolar, check out their website

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