LG inspires hybrid training in Ann Arbor, MI

From the Washtenaw Voice, the student newspaper for Wastenaw Community College:

WCC Alum Inspires New Hybrid Technology Course by Leah Rurka

I attended night classes in WCC’s Automotive Service program over two years, starting in 2000.  When I first enrolled I had never even changed my own oil; when one of my classmates asked me to hand him the ratchet, I grabbed a wrench.  It was a foundational experience in my career in auto repair, making the transition from “professional” jobs I had pursued prior. 

Russ Ferguson is a beloved instructor at WCC.  His indefatigable passion and modesty will serve well in the development of a hybrid program.  Like myself, he’s a disciple of Jack Rosebro, Perfect Sky automotive training.  Kudos to him and Ross Gordon for bringing legitimate hybrid and EV curriculum to Southeast Michigan.  Hybrid owners of Ann Arbor will benefit hugely, no less than the students.