LG in the SF Bay Guardian

This year’s Green Issue includes a Guide to greener living with recommendations from woman-owned Eco Home Improvement to my favorite recycler ECOHAUL, as well as our fellow hybrid-lovers over at Pat’s Garage.  Check ‘em all out:

Erecycle Campaign
Eco Home Improvement
Dr. Namrata Patel
San Francisco Green Business Project
Luuuuuscious Garage!
Pat’s Garage, home of Green Gears
The Orchard Garden Hotel
EPI Center Medspa
Nepalese Paper
More Dirt
A. Maciel Printing

From the article:

“The actual act of driving isn’t the only reason having a car is hard on the environment. Maintaining it is too. But Luscious Garage is trying to help on both accounts. This woman-owned and operated facility specializes in hybrids, and runs the whole business as sustainably as possible, from the machine shop to the office. And for these luscious ladies, sustainably goes beyond chemicals and objects – they also sustain their community by hosting classes and a hybrid car club in their beautiful facility.”