LG Hiring

imageWelcome applicants for our primary technician position!  After much ado about startup, we are ready to fix some cars and are looking for the right person to join us.  This could be your bay:

The job is posted on three sites (SFBA Craigslist,
iATN, PriusChat) as follows:

Luscious Garage hiring a Hybrid Specialist

Luscious Garage is a brand new hybrid specialty shop located in downtown San Francisco. Our business is tailored around the hybrid car and its owner. We are high-tech, cutting edge, and environmentally conscious; we maintain a clean, attractive, well-appointed facility for customers as well as staff.

This opening is the first for our two-bay shop. You will join me, the owner and lead technician, in building the business and introducing it to the public. LG is first-of-its-kind with enormous opportunity to experience this burgeoning market and to create your ideal workplace.

The bulk of our work is preventative maintenance, light duty repair, and diagnostics on hybrids and a few of their non-hybrid siblings. We also perform hybrid modifications, both low and high voltage.

For more information on the business and our services, visit our website at lusciousgarage.com.

Business highlights:

* specialization in hybrid cars

* web-based, customer-driven administration

* full disclosure on practices and prices

* clean and green as possible

* exciting downtown location in a beautiful facility

* woman owned and operated

Unique aspects of the position:

* gainful salary commensurate on experience

* health insurance included

* 4/10 work week (closed Sat-Mon)

* two weeks paid vacation

* access to OE equipment and service information

Ideal candidates will possess:

* Passion for hybrid technology

* Tech and internet savvy

* Professional appearance and attitude

* Quest for betterment of personal performance and business performance

* Patience and thoughtfulness

* Emotional stability and maturity

* Ability to communicate with collegues and customers

* Willingness, if not passion, to purchase and maintain the correct tools

* Interest in assuming leadership roles over time

* Tolerance of mundane jobs with promise of greater challenges to come

* Certifications, iATN membership, and formal education a definite plus

This is a excellent opportunity for the thinking technician hungry for hybrid experience and an enlightened work atmosphere. Diverse backgrounds are invited but competency comes first.

Serious applicants submit a resume with cover letter to carolyn@lusciousgarage.com

I will review candidates through September; latecomers welcome.