Benefits of Hybrid Fleet Vehicles

Scientists agree that we must act now to stop global warming or we’ll be in serious trouble within the next 30 years. If this doesn’t bring it home nothing will. Think about it; 30 years is not that far away and California certainly suffers from global warming right now with wildfire seasons that are more out of control. We cannot allow our state to burn to the ground and one way to reduce carbon footprints is hybrid fleets. Luscious Garage lists the following benefits of hybrid fleet vehicles.

Fuel Economy

Let’s bottom line it for a moment: hybrid vehicles use less fuel which saves you money at the pump. A fleet of hybrid taxis can save thousands of dollars a month on gasoline and a fleet manager would be foolish to ignore the savings to his or her bottom line. Fleet vehicles such as taxis that drive on the city streets constantly are even more fuel-efficient because the electrical portion of the motor takes over at slower speeds. Couple that with plug-ins throughout the city and you just shaved a ton of fuel expense.

Additional Savings

You also save money on taxes. California focuses on energy efficiency and often offers tax credits for hybrid vehicles, especially those used in business. Local taxing authorities recognize the importance of saving energy as well. When you tell city and state authorities that you are going hybrid to reduce your business’ carbon footprint, you will realize many savings on your licensing and tax bills. This is just another notch in your bottom line’s belt but that isn’t the only advantage of going hybrid.


Today’s consumer is discerning and socially conscious. If he or she can choose a hybrid ride service over a standard ride service, chances are the hybrid is going to win out. Mission statements count to the primary consumer demographic in the United States right now – the millennial consumer – and they read corporate mission statements before they solicit a company. Can your mission statement say you are environmentally and socially conscious? It can if you have a hybrid fleet.


Finally, your drivers will enjoy driving their hybrid fleet vehicles. Hybrids have what is call instant torque. The vehicle responds quickly from a stopped position. Drivers who need to get their riders to their destination as quickly as possible will love how the vehicles respond, especially when passing other vehicles on roadways or highways. Hybrids are also efficient for both short and long distances because the vehicle will switch to gasoline on extended trips. 

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