How to Help Your Hybrid Car Run More Efficiently

how-to-help-your-hybrid-car-run-more-efficientlyIf you own a hybrid car, you’re already conscious about your impact on the environment. So how can you make sure you get the most from your hybrid vehicle while being more eco-friendly and efficient? Before you get ready to hit the road, follow these helpful tips that will assist you in saving on gasoline while you get the absolute most from your hybrid vehicle.

Practice Smart Driving Habits

When you drive your hybrid vehicle, avoid speeding on the interstate or you run the risk of running out of power sooner than you planned. Instead, use the gasoline engine just enough to get your car up to the speed you need. Then, allow the electric motor to take over as you remain in cruise mode. This is the best way you can save on gas and get better fuel efficiency. You should also try to drive at lower speeds and cruise at around 60 mph instead of 70 mph if the speed limit is 55 mph. These simple acts can do wonders to reduce your gas consumption.

Maintain Your Battery

Most drivers of hybrid vehicles think if they fully charge the battery, it’s better for the vehicle. The truth is that if your battery is fully charged, it consumes more power, faster than a battery that’s only half-charged. Keep your battery charged in a range between around 20 to 80 percent as often as you can. If the level gets lower than 20 percent, you can still drive the vehicle, but it could cause it to have more trouble getting back to a full charge in the future. When you use the electrical power, you can bring energy back into your battery whenever you hit the brakes. Don’t brake too suddenly or too quickly, but if you brake gradually, it’s better for battery life overall.

Try to Minimize Your Use of Accessories

All vehicles, even hybrids, come with a wide range of extra accessories. But with a hybrid vehicle, using a ton of these accessories can cause too much power draw on your battery. Try to reduce your usage of items like the heater, air conditioner, and GPS system or CD player as much as you can. Set your car to the eco-friendly mode to help you consume less battery power. All of the new accessories require quite a bit of “juice” from your battery, so reducing that need can make your car drive better and more efficiently in the long run. Avoid using your headlights during the day, too unless it’s safety issue such as in inclement weather.

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