How Does the Toyota Prius Stack Up to its Competitors?

How Does the Toyota Prius Stack Up to its Competitors?If you know anything about us at all, you know we love the Toyota Prius. This hybrid vehicle consistently ranks top in its class, and for good reason. Toyota set the bar higher than anyone else years ago when it introduced the Prius, and the rest of the automobile industry has had a rough time trying to catch up. Luscious Garage doesn’t just love the Prius, we also specialize in maintaining and repairing them. How does this vehicle stack up to its competitors in 2019? Keep reading to find out.

Mileage Efficiency

Hybrid vehicles use a combination of electricity and gasoline to run. This allows the vehicles to go farther between battery charges for drivers who do more than run errands around town. As such, miles-per-gallon is taken into consideration with the Toyota Prius and its two primary competitors, the Honda Insight and Accord Hybrid, and Toyota takes the cake in this category.

Years ago, Toyota automobile engineers recognized the need for their hybrid vehicles to travel greater distances between charges, and, as such, the Prius has always been on top when it comes to MPG. Currently, the Toyota Prius offers its drivers an MPG of 50 to 56, which is nice when you consider how much we pay for gas in California.

Admittedly, Honda is chomping at Toyota’s heels. The Insight averages 48 to 52 MPG, and the Accord Hybrid can fetch its drivers 48 miles-per-gallon. If fossil fuel usage is a concern of yours, you’ll want to invest in the Toyota Prius, as it will help you reduce your carbon footprint better than Honda. This said, Honda hybrids are competitive when it comes to gas mileage.

Sticker Price

Perhaps your concern is the sticker price and that’s understandable. People shied away from hybrid vehicles when they were first introduced in the United States because they were markedly more expensive than traditional automobiles. The automobile manufacturing industry has worked to change this, and you’ll pay about the same for a hybrid as you would for a new mid-range vehicle.

Honestly, there isn’t that much difference between the sticker prices of the Toyota and Honda hybrids. The Prius will set you back anywhere from $23,770 to 32,200 on average, depending on the model you select and where you buy it. Purchasing a Honda Insight will cost you $22,930 to $28,340. Finally, the Honda Accord Hybrid fetches an average price of $25,320 to 34,990.

If these sticker prices shock you, take in account how much you’ll save each year on gasoline, and also know that you have expert mechanics at Luscious Garage to help you take care of your hybrid. We are located in San Francisco, CA, and you can call us at 415-875-9030 or shoot us a text at 415-371-9073.