Home of Prius Repair

Luscious Garage is the home of Prius auto repair.  We pride ourselves on knowing the Prius better than anyone else and being able to leverage that expertise to bring you the fastest, least expensive, most reliable repairs. We service a fleet of high mileage Prius cabs, used and abused 24/7, all running strong.  Our regulars include both generation Prius with over 300k miles.

Electrical demons?  Salvage woes?  Warning lights?  Seized components?  High voltage codes?  No brakes?  Lost keys?  Dead battery? 

We’re here for you!

imageCheck out the current list of repair blogs:

Gen 1 Prius Common Failures
Gen 1 Prius Battery Failure
Prius Transmission Failure
Prius HID D4R Headlights
Prius Dead A/C Compressor
04-05 Prius Misfire Condition

These are a small selection of the work we perform on a regular basis.

For questions about your Prius or to book an appointment, simply use the contact page.