Green is a great movement; you can help yourself and everyone else at the same time.  This fact resonated yesterday when Thomas from SF Green Cab returned my solicitation to service his hybrid fleet.  This is not a charity case.  Taxi is all business, green or no.  We need to keep their cars on the road—efficiently and economically—image and he is willing to pay: so he can rely on his fleet with confidence, to protect his manufacturers’ warranty, and to know his cars are not compromising all his green efforts when they take a break in the shop.

I approached SF Green Cab because, at bottom, they supported hybrids.  But I support green business as well, with equal emphasis on “green” and “business”.  You cannot be green and price gouge, because you effectively punish people for doing the right thing.  This applies to all LG services, for individuals and fleets.  We are priced to support environmental consciousness.

Beyond price, doing the right thing ultimately comes down to service.  Two weeks ago, after seeing SF Green Cabs around town, I arranged for them to give me a ride to the airport at the crack of dawn.  Anyone who’s called for a cab in this town can appreciate this leap of faith; SFGC did not disappoint.  Prompt and capable of hauling all of my crap with the efficiency of an 07 Civic Hybrid, the driver Beyen not only got me there, he charmed me with his knowledge and appreciation of the technology onboard his car.  He is a believer.

For more on SF Green Cab, check out their website, read the glowing reviews on Yelp!, or, better yet, call them for a ride: 415-626-GREEN

Welcome Thomas, Beyen, Mark, and the rest of the SF Green Cab family to Luscious Garage.  Here’s to a prosperous future making people happy, pushing the status quo, and doing right by the environment.