Who: Me, You, and Everyone We Know

What: Luscious Garage **GRAND OPENING PARTY**

When: Saturday, September 15th, 6-10pm

Where: Where else?  459 Clementina, San Francisco

Drinks, snacks, and happiness provided.

Back in the spring, before we had a space (or knew we would ever find one), I came across a commercial unit on Howard St—ground floor, cross street Seventh (I believe) right next to a gas station.  It was a little big (6000 sf) and correspondingly expensive, but it was recently remodeled and clean, and it had neat skylights along the back wall.  I thought, of all the property thus far, this is the best.  This is doable. 

I did a lot of driving during that period (I’m sorry to admit), putting five thousand miles on a brand new Prius in the span of a few months.  Half of those miles were spent cruising the streets of SOMA, trying to go as slowly as possible without eliciting honks (I find that it’s easy to pass as well-meaning but distracted in a Prius) while simultaneously manifesting “For Rent” signs.  I called on so many signs—repeatedly, I’m sure, as I would forget who I’d already contacted—that I think I spoke to every commercial agent in the city. “Oh yeah, you’re the one with the hybrid shop,” was a common response.

Anyway, I watched the space on Howard lay vacant for a week or two, and then BAM!—it was full of furniture with a huge, flourescent banner out front, announcing “GRAND OPENING!” 

I thought, “now that’s a quick turnaround.” 

imageLuscious Garage has not emerged so quickly.  We signed the lease on May 10th, after much nail-biting over our landlords (strangers at the time) and then the city planning department. Destruction preceded construction, followed by equipment decisions, coordination, and purchases.  Contractors, inspectors, accounts, meetings, paperwork, sleepless nights.  Let’s just say that auto service is not furniture.

The greatest news is that we have completed the start-up process.  We secured our permits in early August and have been tidying up the details—on the website and on Clementina—over the last couple weeks.  While there remains a great deal to do, we are ready for our customers and the public beyond. 

All of this leads me, with great pleasure, to host our own grand opening party.  There may not be a banner, but the emotional state is flourescent for sure.  The Evite is out but everyone is welcome.  You too reader!  Luscious Garage lives, and it’s time to celebrate!