Getting The Best Energy And Fuel Economy From Your Hybrid

Getting The Best Energy And Fuel Economy From Your Hybrid While it can be difficult to save on gas if you own a conventional vehicle, owning a hybrid can make fuel economy much more efficient. On the other hand, some of the same gas-saving tips you get with standard vehicles can also apply to hybrids. So, how do you know what the best ways are to save on gas and energy if you own a hybrid vehicle? Read on to learn more so you can get the absolute most from your eco-friendly car.

Always Read the Manual

Not all hybrid vehicles are the same, and they can vary greatly in design. This is especially true when it comes to how these vehicles manage the way they use energy. Always read your owner’s manual to get the best idea of how to operate your vehicle and maintain it in the best way possible. The manual should help you understand how to best manage things like driving range, battery life, and of course, fuel economy. Read your manual thoroughly and note any tips that can help you get better fuel mileage.

Try Economy Mode

Most new hybrid vehicles include something called “economy mode” that is designed to help improve your fuel economy. This feature is easy to use with just a simple push of a button. While this mode will save you on gas mileage, it could limit other aspects of your vehicle’s performance like acceleration. Only use economy mode when you’re in a position to drive at a slower pace and need to save fuel.

Do not Brake Hard

Hard braking is bad for any vehicle, so try to anticipate stops ahead of time, and then brake gently. A hybrid vehicle uses a regenerative braking system that has to recover energy from the vehicle’s forward motion. This feature will not work if you use hard braking since it causes your car to use the conventional friction brakes instead. Using conventional brakes will not recovery energy, which means they’ll affect your battery and fuel efficiency.

Pay Attention to Accessory Use

The added features in your hybrid like the heating, air condition, or entertainment system require more power, which means they can lower your vehicle’s fuel economy. This is especially true with hybrid vehicles. Keep accessory use in mind when you are trying to get the most out of your car’s fuel economy. Turn off any heat or air whenever it’s not needed, and be very aware of extra features like GPS or Bluetooth that you’re not using.

With these simple tips, you can get more out of your hybrid vehicle and save on gas expenses and use.

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