Gen 2 Prius MFD Screen Repair


We now replace MFDs with reman units from Toyota.  They run about $1500 and we charge $60 to install.  Please use the contact page to inquire about latest pricing and appointments.


image2004-2005 Prius multi-function displays have some weak soldering points, causing a failure well documented by our colleagues across the bay at Art’s Automotive:

Repairing the Multi-function Display via

New screens from the dealer are unmercifully expensive, between $3000-$5000 depending on the model (navigation or no).  Much more attractive—not to mention green—is the prospect of repairing the original screen.

imagePaul from Art’s, author of the earlier link, openly admits that he got his info from Hobbit, the east-coast Prius guru (pictured demonstrating the safety of Prius high voltage AC motor phases, from a class Carolyn attended back in 2006).  His original account of repairing the screen is also available online:

Evaluation and repair of a failed Prius MFD via

Hobbit basically pinpoints his problem to a pair of joints on the top board, the most common point of failure.  Like Art’s, we offer resoldering of these joints in house.  image(To be honest we hire Eric, our friend and IT computer science geek, to perform the very fine solders himself.) 

The price for the service, including removal and reinstallation of the screen: $500 

Admittedly there are other possibilities for failure.  Because the diagnostic time necessary to chase those other potential soldering breaks quickly outpaces the value of an already repaired (or otherwise guaranteed) used unit, we offer a fall back solution: if the first soldering attempt does not work, we’ll replace the unit with a known-good one from Steve Woodruff of AutoBeYours, which comes with a 1 year warranty, at no additional cost. 

In other words, if the initial repair doesn’t work, we’ll replace with a used unit, parts and labor, for the same price, $500.  Of course we’re happy just to switch yours out with a replacement screen, if you prefer. 

Use the contact page for appointments… or call us: 415-875-9030

Photo Gallery of Screen Repairs, for the curious:

Screen removed and on the bench, Carolyn disassembles for Eric:


Two screens that recently failed in two separate Prius, ready for attention:


Eric, the 21st century mechanic, working his magic: