Gas bumming you out?  Electric Vehicle Assn Meeting Saturday June 7th

Did you know that LG hosts the San Francisco Electric Vehicle Association meetings the first Saturday of every month?  And did you know that yet another one of these inspiring meetings is this Saturday, June 7th? 

If you are interested in burning less gas or no gas at all, consider attending this meeting!  Since we started, attendance has risen to over 40 people per event.  imageMeet others who know and care about electric vehicles.  Touch and test drive electric vehicles on the road now, from Chevrolet’s S10 stock electric pickup (with an EV1 motor!) to our own plug-in hybrid Prius.  We also have a Geo Metro converted to electric in the shop.  Toyota’s RAV4 EV, electric bikes and scooters, the super-fast Tango—all of these phenomenal vehicles so often hidden from public view—are yours to explore.  More important are the people behind them. We are in the midst of a profound and timely revolution in transportation.  JOIN US!

Saturday, June 7th, 11-1

Luscious Garage, 459 Clementina SF