Friends of the Urban Forest SOMA Planting This Saturday

imageSoMa Tree Planting
Saturday, March 15th

Meet at Luscious Garage


8:00 am: Everyone has signed in, had their coffee and is ready to work!  First jobs are to drive trucks, distribute trees and supplies, and assemble light hardware.

9:00 am: Volunteers arrive.

9:15 am: Friends of the Urban Forest hold a planting demonstration.

9:30 am: The planting manager will break neighbors into small groups, each supervised by a trained volunteer planting leader.  Now we start planting trees.

12:30 pm: Time to celebrate all your hard work! We return to Luscious Garage for the pot luck.

Want to volunteer for the tree planting or pot luck?

Please contact:

Naomi LeBeau, Planting Manager
Friends of the Urban Forest
(415) 561-6890 x. 100