Female Mechanics Calendar

imageMechanics have a reputation for having a reputation.  Though we endear them the same way we do our machines (exactly because they facilitate the continued love of these machines), the world of mechanical repair is a notoriously crude and shameful one. 

Here at Luscious, we stand in evidence of an alternative view.  We represent accountability—to the environment, to public opinion, and to the technical rigor of modern cars.  Perhaps more importantly, we represent what is possible.  Like car culture, shop culture need not be stagnant, close-minded, or one-dimensional.

imageSarah Lyon shares our optimism.  For three years she has traveled the United States, mostly alone on her motorcycle, discovering female mechanics and documenting them for the world to see.  Her chosen format—professional photographs in a 14-month calendar—challenges the stereotype of the tool-girl, pin-up media familiar to shop life as well as those operating within it. 

She also acknowledges the world of mechanics as both beautiful and meaningful.

As a female mechanic (and a subject of this year’s calendar), I feel overwhelming pride and gratitude for Lyon’s work.  She is an artist, an activist, and proof of possibility herself.

Luscious Garage is honored to carry the 2009 Female Mechanics Calendar for sale, yours for a single twenty dollar bill. (The entire Calendar series, 2007-2009, for $50).

You can also purchase online through Lyon’s website:

Sarah Lyon Photography – Calendar Project

Join us in celebrating!

2009 Female Mechanics Calendar – Release Party
Saturday December 13th, 2008, 4-7 pm
Luscious Garage

Meet the artist, view the photographs in large format on our walls, enjoy refreshments and conversation with female mechanics and their friends, and support the calendar project by taking one home.