Felix Kramer, Hybrid Magnate

Every cause needs its champion, and for plug-in hybrids, that person is Felix Kramer.  Founder and lead strategist for Calcars, Felix is a master of sythesis, taking technical complexity and minutia and producing a clear and crucial movement for our transportation future.

Felix’s own plug-in hybrid, an 04 Prius converted by EnergyCS, needed The Vitals last week, and what an honor it was to provide. The Prius usually goes to the dealer, to demystify the technology and spread the word among Toyota’s own, but it took a break to support our new business.  Great conversation and 4 quarts of rerefined oil later, Felix has been kind enough to endorse us on the Calcars website:

Calcars’ Photos: Groups and Converters

For more from Felix, I highly recommend the Calcars’ news group.  Sign up here…