Exploring Car Repair: Meet Phil Sadow at Earthling Meet-Up

Image showcasing Earthling Automotive front entrance with logo on fence

Imagine spending a relaxing morning surrounded by automotive enthusiasts, sharing stories, and learning from a true industry insider. Earthling Automotive warmly invites you to an informal Earthling Meet-Up featuring Phil Sadow, the renowned “Ingineer” behind the refurbishment of salvaged Teslas.


Image showcasing Phil Sadow, guest of Earthling Meet-Up in San Francisco on Sept 16 2023, running a diagnostic on a Nissan Leaf electric car


Connect, Learn, and Make Friends: Phil Sadow at Earthling Meet-Up

On September 16, from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, Earthling Automotive opens its doors for an enriching experience. No grand stages or promises of transformations, just an opportunity to meet Phil Sadow in person, chat about his journey, and ask questions about salvaged Tesla repair.

Image showcasing Tesla Model S and Tesla Model 3 at Earthling Automotive for electric vehicle service


Bridging the Gap: The Earthling Meet-Up Experience

Our aim is simple: to bring car enthusiasts together, foster meaningful connections, and provide a platform for learning. Phil Sadow’s presence is not about delivering a speech, but about sharing insights and sparking conversations that might just lead to new friendships.

Cooper Marcus, the genius behind Quit Carbon, will also be there to share insights into crafting customized Electrification Roadmaps. As Cooper puts it, “We’re here to help you transform your home into an eco-friendly oasis without breaking the bank. Quit Carbon is all about upgrading to heat pumps, induction stoves, EV chargers, and more – and we do it all for free!”

Additionally, Marc Geller from the Golden Gate Electric Vehicle Association (GGEVA) will also be there, representing a nonprofit group that supports electric cars and making charging stations more common. According to Marc, “We’re working to make more cars electric, and we want to help you switch to electric cars, no matter what kind of car you have.”

Image showcasing Earthling Automotive customers looking at a Mazda Miata with a Tesla motor and battery EV conversion and swap


Join Us on September 16

So, why should you clear your calendar and join us on September 16? Simple – because it’s a chance to be part of a warm, welcoming gathering where you can explore our shop, connect with industry leaders like Phil Sadow, and soak up the wisdom of experts like Cooper Marcus and Marc Geller.

The Earthling Meet-Up isn’t just about cars; it’s about forging bonds, sharing stories, and learning from those who’ve pushed the boundaries. It’s about embracing the spirit of community, the joy of shared passion, and the thrill of gaining knowledge from the very best.

Mark your calendar for September 16 and look forward to a morning of genuine camaraderie and automotive inspiration. We can’t wait to see you there! Reserve your spot at the Earthling Meet-Up now!


Image showcasing Ford C-Max and Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles at Earthling Automotive service