Electric Vehicle Bonanza SATURDAY

An SF EVA meeting that’s not to be missed!!

Live at Luscious Garage:

1. One of the original Ford Th!nk City electric cars that escaped destruction by Ford

Come hear what one San Franciscan had to do to get the car here.

2. A newly finished, top-notch conversion of a Toyota Yaris to all-electric drive

3. In progress Prius plug-in conversion with Plug-In Supply’s Prius+ Kit

A finished conversion is also likely to be there.

4. Sherry and/or Marc’s RAV4 EV(s), chapter mascots

5. Possible Green Motor‘s Zenn car (as seen at the Green Festival)

6. Possible Ranger EV from the Post Carbon Institute fleet in Sebastopol

They hope to use their fleet for carbon-free car sharing.  Find out how.

7. Visitors from the SF Peninsula Electric Auto Association

8. Drawings for special door prizes—go home with a holiday gift from the SFEVA!


When: December 1st, 11am-1pm

Where: Chez Luscious!  459 Clementina St, SF

EV parking indoors for our own SF Auto Show

We just installed our own 220V 30A charging port.  (Still working on a wall mounted charger…)

Need parking nearby?  There’s a big lot at the end of the block, at the corner of Folsom and 5th, very close.

F*** cars?  MUNI and BART are right up 5th at the Powell St. Station. 

Of course we will accomodate all people-powered ZEVs inside as well.