Did you receive our card?

imageOne of the uglier parts of business, I find, is asking for business.  Some people have no problem with this: advertising is just another way of exchanging information, awareness even.  But I hate to bother. I hate to monetize information, let alone my passions.

That said, we are now “open for business” and most people have no idea.  So we are faced the challenge of letting people know.  The best approach has been an initial guerilla effort where we leave some kind of notice on hybrid cars around town.  It’s obvious, but it’s also polite and appropriate: people can absorb the information without an audience, in the context of their car.

The exact kind of “notice” has been a subject of debate.  At first I thought flyer, like a concert notice.  But a piece of xerox paper feels disposable, like impending waste, an obvious insult to our environmental goals.  So the flyer gave way to postcard with some kind of technical tip, something glove box caliber.  That gave way to a business card.  A business card, something tangible but still managable, can be saved without too much imposition.  If it is disposed, it is small.  FYI, our cards are 100% post consumer recycled product printed with soy based ink.  Great job Bacchus Press.

To our recipients, I apologize for interrupting your life with an advertisement.  Your car is an important part of your life, your contribution, including your environmental impact.  LG exists to support this part for the better.  Hopefully you’re excited about the prospect of a hybrid-focused garage.  I met a woman today, in the course of leaving cards, and during our conversation I said of LG, “It’s time.”