Bob Dylan Special: $50 Oil Change

**The Bob Dylan Special has been replaced with our latest cheap oil change deal: The Recovery Special

imageOriginally named the “Depression Special”, our $50 Oil Change has been renamed (in a customer contest) “The times they are a changin’” Special (which I’m editing to the Bob Dylan Special). 

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Loss leaders are nothing but trouble.  “Too good to be true.” “You get what you pay for.” My poor ear has been a dumping ground for automotive service trauma.  Just last week: an 07 Prius with 30k miles being sold a $300 injector cleaning at the dealer!!!

Don’t even get me started!

That said, times are tough; why make it worse? Do not, DO NOT take risks with your vehicle maintenance.  Let Mama Luscious take care of you.  We don’t manipulate, threaten, pander, or otherwise bullshit.  We’re eternal idealists who want to fix your car.  All we ask is that you accept our altruism and tell your friends…