Our Origin Story

Earthling Automotive was built by a group of people who saw the potential of electric vehicles.

Since 2007, our technicians have followed best practices based on proven, real-world repairs that last. From caring for private hybrid and electric vehicles to maintaining large commercial fleets and everything in between, our services are tethered by no earthly expectations.

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Back to the Future

Our Founder, Carolyn Coquillette, didn’t have much of a background in auto repair before starting her business. She just wanted to fix her own car.

After beginning night classes for auto repair, she realized the job was much more sophisticated than she had first realized. Back then, the way we related to cars was fundamentally changing. It struck her that the check engine alert signified that we were, for the first time, truly at the whim of our computers. It was then that Earthling Automotive was conceived.

After some time in the shop, she realized people needed a shop that could cover the entire hybrid and EV auto repair process and focused on extending the life of these vehicles. She decided to open her repair shop, which was smart and sustainable and focused on providing the service care that customers really need.

The New York Times said it, not us

Spreading the Love

Now, in a world teeming with hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, there is a severe shortage of specialized auto repair shops that know what they’re doing.

The EV boom is coming, and the simple truth is we’re not ready for it. Earthling Automotive hopes to change that.

Our goal is not only to be the smartest EV and hybrid technicians around but to share our knowledge with mechanics looking to change with the times. We offer training programs and other educational events to hopefully make EV and hybrid repair less complicated and more accessible.

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