ART IN THE SHOP: Tanya Wischerath

imageLG is honored to host new works by Tanya Wischerath through February 2009.

Join us for the reception:

Sunday, February 1st 6-9p
Booze, snacks, art, and company
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“An artist with an eye to the zeitgeist and a hand to the classical, Tanya Wischerath seeks to explain what is timeless about that which surrounds her. This is by no means an obvious aim—not one which will be captured at first glance—rather, aesthetic appeal is only an entry point into a much deeper contemplation on that which makes us human. Which stories shape that identification that is the most personal? What do we adapt from a collective consciousness but name our own for the sake of survival and flourish? Tanya Wischerath’s work explains that which is inexplicable; satisfying the task of a visual artist on fronts both immediate and resonant.”

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