ART IN THE SHOP: Erica Kremenak “Phenomenology”

imageLG welcomes Erica Kremenak and selections from her series “Phenomenology” beginning September 11th. 

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Join us for a vibrant reception:

Saturday, September 12th
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Artist’s Statement:

“I make paintings on canvas using oil bars and paint, dry pigments and washes, brushes and rags.  Often, I invent processes that require touching the surface of the painting with my hands, developing surfaces that contrast repetitive, obsessive, time-consuming procedures with abrupt, accidental moments. The imagery that develops often shifts back and forth between the figurative and abstraction.  Repetitive actions seduce my mind below the surface of thought, where unpremeditated gestures can bring something tangible and meaningful from behind the screen of consciousness out onto the canvas.  Those rare moments in life when the brain scrambles to decode visual input that is not readily interpreted are exciting to me, and I look for ways to reproduce that experience as I work.  Many of my paintings explore color relationships as a kind of emotional sign language.  I enjoy watching colors interact as dramatically as characters in mythology or opera.  Visual interactions between marks and surfaces made with oil paint, dry pigments, and spray paint create complex relationships that I hope will reward patient and persistent examination.”