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Fuel Cell Vehicle 1 for Instructors

Fuel Cell Vehicle 1 for Instructors

Course Description

Using the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle (FCEV) as an example, this three-day course introduces the educator to FCEV operation, maintenance, and service information. Practical aspects of Mirai maintenance, fueling, and hydrogen safety will be covered in depth.


Instructors who wish to add fuel cell powertrains to their alternative fuel curriculum will come away from this class with a solid overview of theory of fuel cell operation as well as outlines of on-vehicle labs they can present in their classrooms.

Learning Objectives

After this course, you will…

  • Be able to explain how a fuel cell uses hydrogen and oxygen to produce current
  • Understand operation and control of FC intake (compressor) and exhaust systems
  • Understand FC cooling systems and maintain ion exchanger components
  • Diagnose and correct FC coolant contamination and internal FC coolant leaks
  • Use scan data to correctly diagnose fuel cell powertrain faults
  • Be able to describe FC fuel system operation (tanks, piping, manifolds, valves)
  • Be familiar with hydrogen fueling, LEL%, and hydrogen sensor testing
  • Be able to explain how the hybrid part of the fuel cell powertrain operates

Course Length/Cost

This two-day, eight-hour per day course is $1680 per student.

Dates Available

Saturday & Sunday, May 27 & 28, 2023

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