Electrical 2

Course Description

This three-day intensive course builds directly on Electrical 1, and progresses from an understanding of electrical circuit operation to using the tools that will most efficiently help diagnose the issue.

Class size: 4 students


Electrical 2 sets the technician on a path to mastering independent electrical diagnosis of complex circuits, in part through current tracing and using interactive wiring diagrams to successfully chase and isolate open circuits, excessive resistance, short circuit, and feedback faults throughout the vehicle. Wire and terminal repair are also taught and practiced as part of the hands-on exercises.

Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate electrical wiring diagrams and predict voltages during normal operation
  • Understand the functions of relay blocks, junction blocks, and junction connectors
  • Find power sources and ground points, and use them in diagnosis as appropriate
  • Know how to current trace electrical wiring diagrams
  • Understand operation of H-bridge circuits (e.g. power mirrors, power windows)
  • Diagnose open circuit issues and correctly repair faulty wires or terminals
  • Use interactive wiring diagrams to follow current paths through junction blocks
  • Diagnose excessive parasitic draw, short circuit, and feedback issues on a vehicle

Course Length/Cost

Three eight-hour days, $2400 per student

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