Hybrid/EV 1

Course Description

This three-day, hands-on workshop delves deep into hybrid and EV powertrain component operation, the function of those components as a system, and the interpretation of diagnostic data that will help you diagnose issues. For hybrids, we will focus on the Toyota hybrid system; for EVs, the focus is on Tesla vehicles.


Students will become familiar with the basics of hybrid and EV powertrains — component functions, system operation and co-operation, proper maintenance — and build a body of knowledge that will prepare them to learn how to successfully diagnose and repair hybrid and electric vehicles.

Learning Objectives

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding and identifying modes of operation from scan data
  • Battery pack and battery pack component diagnosis
  • Battery precharge system charge and discharge strategies
  • How the inverter and boost converter control motor-generators
  • Toyota brake-by wire systems and fail-safe modes
  • Series-parallel hybrid transaxle operation
  • Diagnosing hybrid engine no-starts from scan data
  • Real-world case studies from our shop
  • And much more

Course Length/Cost

Three eight-hour days, $2500 per student

Dates Available

Tuesday – Thursday, October 17 – 19

Tuesday – Thursday, October 31 – November 2

Tuesday – Thursday, November 14 – 16

Tuesday – Thursday, November 28 – 30

Tuesday – Thursday, December 12 – 14

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